VENUE:                                Wall Street Synagogue.  Our mission is reaching out to the unaffiliated and to advance appreciation of the Beauty of our traditions.


HOST/SPONSOR:              Wall Street Synagogue and Downtown Center for Jewish Living.  The all-inclusive Jewish Center for Lower Manhattan – SoHo, South Village, Financial District, Battery Park.


ADDRESS:                           47 Beekman St., Manhattan.  Located two blocks east of City Hall park and opposite New York Downtown Hospital.


COST:                                   FREE.  This is The Open Synagogue.  Reservations are needed to insure everyone’s comfort.  Therefore, please call (212) 227-7800 extension 21 & 10.  Extensive seating for men available.  However, women’s seating, may be, due to space factor, less available.


DATE/TIME:                         Rosh Hashanah eve Sept. 8th, 7:10 P.M. 

Rosh Hashanah days Sept. 9th & 10th, Principal Services 11 A.M. 

Yom Kippur eve Sept. 17th, Kol Nidrei 6:50 P.M.

Yom Kippur Sept. 18th, Principal Services 11 A.M.  Conclusion:  Rabbi’s blessing & shofar triumphant coda 7:46 P.M.  Followed by light break-the-fast.


DETAILS:                             Bid good-bye to the boring, tedious, drawn-out High Holidays services where people constantly are wondering ‘on what page are we?’  Intensively explanatory, fascinatingly and insightfully historical, and explicatory, these services are conducted in a manner so that those not familiar with Hebrew or the holiday traditions can participate and interact and find the observance inspiring, meaningful and enriching.  No Hebrew or previous experience is necessary.  The services are sung with a wealth of modern melodies and Israeli tunes by a young choral director-cantor and include responsive English readings.  Expository recitations are given by various persons in the congregation.  Everyone regardless of background will find a welcome in an atmosphere that is accepting and open amidst others who are also present to explore and discover a fresh approach to their heritage and to experience a service that is relevant and affecting in their lives.  No appeals, no fundraising, no membership.  A melodious and supportive service at a shul inclusive of all Jews and where diversity is fully embraced.


MORE INFO:                        Please visit our website at: Reserve by calling (212) 227-7800 ext. 21.  For data on area hotels call (212) 227-7800 ext. 10.  For dedication opportunities and memorials that will expand our programs call 227-7800 ext. 21